Beachy Wave Hair Tutorial & Randee's Hair Product Must-Haves May 18, 2020 17:30 1 Comment

Beachy wave hair tutorial

Hey girls!! I've had several people reach out over time asking about how I get my beachy waves and if I would make a hair tutorial. I finally had a chance to record the hair tutorial during quarantine.

I couldn't just start with how I curl my hair though. In order to give you the full picture I have to start with the products I use before I blow dry my hair. Those products make a HUGE difference and I couldn't achieve the same look and texture without them. 

Click here to watch the full hair tutorial.

I've linked all of the products I use as well, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. I LOVE to gush about products. I love trying new products, but most of all I love finding great products that actually work. I've been using all of these products for a very long time. Some of which I've tried to find replacements for that don't cost quite as much (dry shampoo for example) and have consistently come back to my tried & true's. 

Click here for all of the hair products with direct links to each for you to easily order. 

Hair Products

Here's a quick rundown of the products, but if you click the link above the image it will take you to the clickable image with direct links to each product. I also discuss most of these in the tutorial.

1 & 2: I recently fell in LOVE with this shampoo & conditioner!

3 & 4: I use this shampoo & conditioner once a week. I only wash my hair twice a week typically so the other time I use the shampoo & conditioner from 1 & 2.

5: I use this hair treatment once a month. Great for color treated hair.

6: Root spray to give volume & texture from the root before blow drying.

7: Volumizing mousse for before blow drying to give added texture & volume through the mid section of the hair.

8: I use this on the ends to prevent further breakage and protect from heat.

9: Rose gold blow dryer - nothing fancy but I've had it for a while and I like it.

10: I use the 1.25 inch stylewinder. I also have the 1inch and found that I prefer the 1.25 inch for looser curls.

11. Tried & true volume and texture spray. I've tried several others and always come back to this one. I spray at the root and throughout my hair.

12: My favorite hairspray!! It gives just the right amount of moveable, touchable hold. It doesn't weigh my hair down, and it smells fantastic!

13: I use this oil on my ends when my hair is wet or dry, sometimes in place of the olaplex cream from #8. It doesn't weigh the hair down when used on the ends. It helps the ends not look as dry. You can also use this as a treatment, put it on dry hair - leave overnight and wash the next day. 

14: Tried & true dry shampoo - I have tried SO many others but always come back to this one.

15: My mom & I both love this humidity spray. We've spent several super early mornings setting up for markets & events in major humidity. This spray is a finishing spray - once you're done with your hair spray it all over and it will hold the curl even in heavy humidity. 

My hair stylist is Blake Webster. She is opening her own salon and I cannot wait to get in for an appointment when quarantine is over! I typically get my hair done every 8-10 weeks. I only get highlights, never lowlights. I also have her paint the ends at every other appointment, as well as a trim every other appointment. 

If you'd like to book an appointment with Blake you can reach out to her on Instagram, or you can text to book at 734-718-1030. Let her know I sent you and we'll both get $20 off at our visit! 

I hope this helps and if you end up using any of the products or curling your hair with my tricks it would make my day if you tagged me on social! I can't wait to see you all rocking your beach waves this season! 

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