Fun In The Sun May 31, 2021 08:42

We might not have time for all the beach vacations we'd like to be taking so we made our own little "beach oasis" right in the backyard! AKA The Avabelle Day Club. 

Backyard beach vacation

I shared our Saturday in the sun a couple of weekends ago on stories and got an inbox full of messages asking about the kiddie pools, our new patio furniture, etc.

Since there was so much interest I thought it would make a great blog post to share and link everything in one place for you!

Click each photo for direct links to everything! 

If you're familiar with the platform, you can follow me there for all the direct links to things that aren't Avabelle related. I don't share a ton there, but I do try to share the things I get the most questions about.

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We're still working on getting the back patio together, we need to add some flowers and get a new rug. I found a patio set that was reasonably priced and just the right size. It was easy to assemble and shipped faster than expected. My mom ordered the exact same set and so far we're all happy with it! 

Patio furniture
The kiddie pools are super fun especially since we spent a ton of time at home in the backyard last summer. Ideally these would be great on the patio, not the grass, but the sun only hits the patio in the morning. We'll worry about the grass later right?!
Jake didn't think there would be enough room for my pink glitter tube, but you know I had to make it happen. It's a total vibe - plus it was only $5!! 
We tested out both kiddie pools to see which one we'd want to keep - the pink pool is my personal favorite, but the blue one is a bit bigger and can fit more people. 
Mia even got to hang in the pool for a bit! 
Kiddie pools
My swimsuit is from last year but it's super comfortable and has great booty coverage. Not many sizes left in any of the colors, but I linked a few of the others that I wear a lot - all with the same comfort and coverage. 
I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer season! Let me know if this was helpful or if it inspired you to add your own little backyard beach! 
Cheers to having a little fun in the sun! 
Kiddie pool